There are many reasons to give, but this is the most important one. // #BLOGMAS 2018, Day #15 – 16

For some reason, a lot of people would prefer to find many reasons not to give.

Perhaps they don’t believe their actions matter, which is a common belief, I think.

Perhaps they feel a sort of resentment in their hearts. I have suffered, why should you not? If I must suffer, why must you not? And, truly, in those instances, in those feelings, I think, we have not humbled themselves.

We forget sometimes that our reality is a collective effort. Your good fortunes did not come into fruition due to only your specific actions. All of our actions, all of our thoughts, all of our efforts, made your reality. Frankly, we like to take all the credit for the victories, but are reluctant to take credit for the failures. Perhaps that is why we tell poor people to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. To hustle. To stop begging.

I was that person at one point in my life! I was probably greatly blinded by my privileges that I didn’t realize those privileges came from somewhere. I only saw the world through the eyes of a person who did not fail, who did not experience defeat. Who, well, always had their needs met! Always had comfort and safety. Always had a home. Always had a strong, yet elastic, support system.

It wasn’t until I did not have that, that I realized how fragile and unforgiving life is. And, really, how much autonomy we really have — not much. We have less control than most of us like to lie to ourselves about. Everything can disappear in an instance, and a lot of the painful crises we must face in our lives, will have nothing to do with us — our will that makes it so, or doesn’t make it do.

I guess my point is that,

Because life is fragile, because life is unforgiving, because we have less control than we’d like to admit,

Because we survive, we thrive, and because we grow, not alone — but by the efforts of others,

We must give, we must care, we must love each other.



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