Welcome to Soul & Scribble!

Hello all, my name is Jocelyn — the gal behind the scenes, er, the computer screen!

I live in New York City: the best city in the world!

In 2011, I relocated from a small town on Oahu, Hawaii to pursue a higher education and to follow my dreams of one day becoming a writer.

Little did I know that, although I would indeed move on to earning two degrees, I was already a writer, and my dream required just one thing: to write.

Originally, I started this blog to document my adventures of moving to the big city, and wow, it’s gone in so many different directions over the past few years!

Today, this blog is not only a place where I showcase my growth as a writer, but it is also where I tell my truths about life.

I am so excited to meet you.

Leave me a scribble in the comments, and don’t forget to say Hi!

You can also find me on Twitter!


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